New single Cycle of Vengeance released on Friday, new mini-album announced

Scottish genre-hopping electronic interloper Popcorn Fiend returns in 2022 with the unique, hook-infused concept EP Milos is Reborn!. Lead single Cycle of Vengeance is released on Friday July 29 on Pure Moth Records, and is a dark and drive electro anthem which pulsates through a series of corruscating lead melodies accompanied by blistering beats.

I Am Subsisty EP out today

On September 28, 2006, I Am Subsisty presented a collection of five tracks, which combined ran to a length of seventeen minutes and fifty-four seconds. Descriptive of a single night in his life, the CD’s title was ‘Dodecahedron EP’. This EP is now re-released as part of the Popcorn Fiend back catalogue and retitled ‘I…

My Life. Your Life. Our Life out today

New single My Life. Your Life. Our Life is out TODAY. As a special Xmas gift you can download on Bandcamp for FREE. Also find on Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever else you listen. From album Distance which you can also buy this #BandcampFriday for £5.


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