New single Cycle of Vengeance released on Friday, new mini-album announced

Scottish genre-hopping electronic interloper Popcorn Fiend returns in 2022 with the unique, hook-infused concept mini-album Milos is Reborn!.

Lead single Cycle of Vengeance is released on Friday July 29 on Pure Moth Records, and is a dark and drive electro anthem which pulsates through a series of corruscating lead melodies accompanied by blistering beats.

It precedes the release of Milos is Reborn! on Friday August 26, an instrumental concept record which careers through a variety of genres as it details the rise and fall of Milos, a fluffy bunny toy own by Bethanie – who develops his own consciousness and eventually embarks on a bloody rampage when he sees tragedy befell his owner.

Influences are varied with hints of electoclash and darkwave icons such as Carpenter Brut, Kavinsky, Mr Oizo, ADULT., Liars, Tiga, Squarepusher, Perturbator, and 80s touches such as nods to the Knightrider soundtrack in Depart/Arrive/Depart. There is also a cinematic sweep during the course of the unfolding story.

Popcorn Fiend said of the new release: “There has not been enough concept EPs about vengeance fluffy bunny toys in this world.

“Until now.”

It has been two years since Popcorn Fiend released acclaimed debut album Distance, the culmination of a journey that began in Aberdeen in 2003, since then taking in Glasgow, the Highlands, Manchester, London, and Salzburg, with an eclectic back catalogue which takes in everything from ambient electronica to synth-fuelled heavy rock, with plenty of pit stops in between.

Milos is Reborn! itself has had a decade-long journey to release. The mini-album was originally set for release in 2012, but shelved due to design delays.

In 2021 Popcorn Fiend discovered the original recordings, and with interest and motivation reignited the tracks were updated – although with the spirit and broad strokes of the intended release retained.

Popcorn Fiend said of the origins: “The mini-album acts as both a time capsule and a product of its current time – there are overt nods to the electronic sounds which were popular at the end of the 00s, with an anarchic feel to the way that they have been combined. It feels like the EP also somehow manages to reflect some current trends, with an eclectic glint and drive that is a lot of fun despite its dark heart.”

The EP is accompanied by stunning dot work imagery drawn by Greece-based illustrator Anny Mary, detailing the main characters.

From Friday buy and stream Cycle of Vengeance on all major platforms using this handy link!

Cover image for EP ‘Milos is Reborn’

Popcorn Fiend – Milos is Reborn! – tracklisting

  1. Milos Lives!
  2. When We Were Us
  3. Depart/Arrive/Depart
  4. Satan Instead
  5. Abandoned Milos
  6. Cycle of Vengeance 

All songs written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Popcorn Fiend.

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